Eurogarden Hotel Bologna

Via Dei Billi, 2/A - 40064 Ozzano Dell'Emilia

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We begin where others leave off.
A comfortable and warm atmosphere combined with an efficient and professional hosting team, makes the perfect match for a memorable stay. These are essential requirements of today’s art of hospitality.
The Eurogarden Hotel is the ideal place for what ever purpose your stay is about. Why don’t you gratify us with your presence and we will be happy to take care of you.
Big and functional as a meeting room, inviting as your living room.
An attractive, spacious meeting room, adaptable from 10 to 100 people, made efficient by our service and elegant by our attention to details.
Ideal for meetings, conventions and seminars, it offers modern audiovisual equipment and also video conferencing capabilities.
All this to assure the maximum importance for your meetings.
At the corte dell'Ulivo we court you.
In the “Corte dell’Ulivo” restaurant, where courtesy is the house speciality, you can taste several artfully, cooked dishes with a menu which varies daily, according to the freshest ingredients that will offer you the most authentic tastes.
A space which takes its name from the splendid country yard of greenery inside the hotel which is visible from the restaurants large windows.
Sourrounded by nature, after your favourite sport, you'll see everything in a different light.
Open one of our windows and you will see a magnificent panorama of lush greenery that invites you to get in direct touch with nature and go on bicycle tours, horseback excursions or simply a beautiful stroll to enjoy the wonders of the scenery step by step.
In addition, you can go for a light workout in our gym, where you will find the ultimate fitness machines and equipment, to discover the joy of keeping fit without too much effort.

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